A Paradise of Pure Tranquility – The Mangala Resort and Spa

200kms outside of Kuala Lumpur, lies a beautiful oasis formed from the aftermath of decades of man taking from the land. Revived by putting back more than what was lost, the landscape has been re-born and has become what is now a paradise retreat known as Mangala Resort and Spa.

Mangala, in Sanskrit means ‘’auspicious well-being’’ and from its beginnings, it was clear that the resort had the auspicious well-being of its surrounding landscape as well as its guests at heart.

The story of Mangala began way before the idea of a resort was conceived. It was born from one man’s hobby and a desire to experiment with modern solutions to revive a barren landscape.

Mining of tin and sand from the 1930s onwards devoured the land until there was almost nothing left. Nothing, that is, except a seed of inspiration for Franky Group Managing Director, Datuk Franky Chua Goon Eng, when in 2002 he saw beyond what it was, to what it could be. One bungalow, as a family getaway for Chua grew into what it is today due to the reaction of family and friends when they began to visit.

Eco-friendly methods of replacing top-soil with locally produced organic waste from palm oil mills started to revive the land enough for trees, shrubs and flowering plants to take root and let nature take its course. And over time as the land was encouraged and allowed to mature, a symbiosis occurred between animal, plant and human life.

Perhaps that’s why there is a sense of calmness and tranquillity at Mangala. Its success story speaks through the sound of birdsong and the abundant variety of fauna and flora that are now flourishing in the resort. Over a hundred species of birds make Mangala their home. Beautiful birds such as heron and kingfisher fly in the skies above aquatic ecosystems, while animal life thrives below in lush landscapes of palm trees and fruit orchards.

Conservation projects ensure measures are in place to sustain the delicate balance of life and reduce the resort’s carbon footprint. Buggies and bicycles are the only transportation you’ll see around the resort. The use of up-cycled materials such as the timber for the water gates that control the water levels throughout the year is just one of many low-impact eco-friendly methods adopted at Mangala.

To date, there are 67 villas, including one bungalow, a lobby, spa complex, fitness centre, and outdoor saltwater pools spread around 400 acres. It is an ongoing project that has seen a miraculous transformation based on respect for the earth and a desire for the resort to be integrated with nature through seamless design.

Forests, wetlands, and lakes sit in perfect harmony with eco- friendly detached villas in a range of designs but all with a common feeling of privacy, luxury, and tranquillity. Nestled amongst the tropical landscapes they open up to stunning vistas and dazzling night skies, allowing guests to experience nature to the full from within their villas as well as out.

It’s a haven for those desiring total exclusivity and privacy. Private enclosures surrounded by palm forests and nature are perfect for those wanting a quiet retreat. It’s a resort worthy of royalty. Stayed in by kings and visited by princes, it’s a location that draws those who want to spend some time away from their hectic lifestyles and connect with nature and themselves.

It has been an amazing transformation through sustainable design and it hasn’t gone unrecognised.  The project has won many awards, including the World Gold in the Environmental (Rehabilitation/ Conservation) Category at the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards 2018 and in 2019 it won the FIABCI Malaysia Property Award as the Best Resort in Malaysia. And it’s no surprise that as the Environmental Resort of the Year this five-star haven is affiliated with the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

A ‘Low-tech, high-touch’ philosophy, using organic methods to revive life, except for the mosquitos! There are no mosquitoes at the resort despite the abundance of water. The flora and fauna introduced over the years have produced an eco-system devoid of these pests ensuring that the only buzz guests will hear is of an iridescent dragonfly darting by or the buzz of excitement as they experience what this stunning resort has to offer.

Activities at the resort include eco-tours, archery, cycling, kayaking, and birdwatching, as well as private spa suites and wellness programmes.

Nevertheless, if you want to combine paradise with business then corporate events and activities are catered for too in this beautiful and inspiring setting.  

Facilities include meeting rooms suitable for small to medium-sized events, dinners, launches, and conferences. Rooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a successful event.

Whatever the occasion, Mangala Resort and Spa aims to leave you with a feeling of auspicious well-being and continues to be an on-going environmental project to ensure the resort remains in perfect ecological balance.