The ultimate guide on foreign investment in Indonesia 2019 | How to buy land in Bali as a foreigner

Can foreigners buy property in Bali? Yes, they can! Here’s the ultimate guide for 2019 on the owner’s rights structure of foreign investment in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the place of choice for foreign investment for 2019. While China’s trade war with America continues to exacerbate an economic slowdown, impacting countries across the globe, the Indonesian economy has managed to grow on average five percent each year over the last ten years.

With up and coming destinations like Bali or Lombok, Indonesia is enjoying ongoing upmarket transformations as well as continued economic growth. With two-fold investment from local government sources, and outside foreign investment in Indonesia, projects are underway that are transforming the sleepy less developed islands in the archipelago, to what the Indonesian government is marketing as its ‘Ten New Bali’s project.’

This top-down financial influx brings strength to Indonesia’s economy, instilling confidence in those outside investors who are seeking to make smart investments of the type only an emerging real estate market can offer or are just looking for a chance to buy land in Bali and develop the dreams’ house they have always longed for.

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What’s more, these myriad new opportunities extend to the local community – increasing rates of employment and improving local living conditions – which in turn bankrolls the development of infrastructure, which enable projects to get up and running quickly.

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