Singapore Airlines – A Class Above The Rest

Nearly 120 years has passed since the first ever flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903 and the fascination that followed with flying continues today. Modern, comfortable aircraft and more destinations to travel to has made the world feel smaller and brought more people together as the fascination with air travel continues to grow.

Fast forward over a century later, air travel is no longer a rare commodity, with millennials averaging 7.4 flights a year while an average business traveller takes 6.8 flights a year. The excitement and novelty of travelling 30,000 feet in the air may be wearing off, but that does not stop Singapore Airlines, the world’s most awarded airline in the world, from keeping the wanderlust flying high.

Why They Are the Number One Airline in The World

Singapore Airlines aim to take you on a journey, a journey that will transform your very concept of what it is to fly and what it is to be valued. For nearly a quarter of a century now, Singapore Airlines knows that travel isn’t just about getting their customers from A to B. It’s about getting them to a state of mind that is based on contentment and satisfaction. When you travel with Singapore Airlines, you feel you are getting above and beyond what you expected and beyond what others are getting, it’s an ethos that keeps winning them awards – Best Airline in the World, Best First Class and Best Business Class in Asia, Best First Class Seat in the world, and more in the recent Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards 2019.

The Cabin Crew

Singapore Airlines cabin crew undergo 14 weeks of intensive training, the longest crew training programme in the industry. Even in the digital age of automation, nothing can replace the personal, warm service of a crew – especially when you’re flying home after an intense business meeting. It is no wonder Singapore Airlines was awarded World’s Best Cabin Crew at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2019. Nonetheless, the airline embraces and continuously invests in technology – not to replace its people but to elevate their legendary service.

World Class Service at the Tip of Your Fingers

For a frequent traveller, the new SingaporeAir mobile app is the ultimate one-stop centre for all your travel needs. Some of the innovative features to streamline and personalise the user’s mobile experience include “Translation Assistant” that uses real-time language translation by voice to help travellers communicate better when they are overseas; and a “Measure Your Baggage” function for determining if the size of your bag is within carry-on limits using augmented reality. Among the many upgrades to existing features, real-time information such as boarding gate details and the weather at your destination has been added to the app’s “My Trips” function.

The SIA Onboard Experience

Singapore Airlines is recognised for being the pioneer of inflight innovation –Besides being the first airline in the world to offer passengers a choice of food and drinks, free headsets for entertainment, audio and video on demand in all classes, they also have world-renowned chefs to thoughtfully create inflight menus. No detail is too small for the airline. Wholesome meals are developed to specifically alleviate fatigue and promote good digestion. Crew adjust temperature and lighting settings based on different phases of the flight, the climates passengers are travelling between, how full the plane is, and other factors. Even the curve of the armrest or the angle at which a seat reclines to is being considered to ensure maximum comfort and personal space for each passenger.

Corporate Travel Programme                                                                                          

Take your business’ travel budget further than you ever thought possible with Singapore Airlines’ 2 exclusive programmes for businesses. For large businesses, the Corporate Travel Programme offers companies preferential corporate rates that results in bigger savings for every trip. Employees are also rewarded as they earn KrisFlyer miles for every flight. For more information on the Corporate Travel Programme, click

HighFlyer Programme

The HighFlyer programme ensures that small and medium-sized businesses also enjoy special perks. While the company earns HighFlyer points, the employees stand to earn KrisFlyer miles too. HighFlyer points can be used to purchase flight tickets for employees, with no minimum spend required. For more information on the HighFlyer programme, click

The Singapore Stopover Holiday

For those who wish to spend more time exploring Singapore during their layover or extending their stay in the Lion City beyond their business trip, take advantage of the Singapore Stopover Holiday package, which not only includes a hotel stay but access to an extensive suite of Singapore’s top attractions, experiences and dining deals worth more than SGD500. These stopover deals are exclusive to Singapore Airlines customers and can be purchased by passengers stopping over in Singapore en-route to their final destination. For more information on the Singapore Stopover Holiday programmes, click

So, the next time your work takes you across the world, why not travel with the world’s best airline?