Cleartrip has launched “Shortlists”, a special feature on mobile and desktop to help users in their international flight booking research.

This new feature allows users to compare multiple flight itineraries and choose between destinations, dates, airlines and choice of layovers.

The main idea of the feature is to eliminate the technical hassles of researching multiple itineraries.

Users can simply swipe left on an itinerary and add it to “Shortlists”. Latest fares on these shortlisted itineraries are then automatically tracked and Cleartrip sends alerts to users before the airline is about to increase the fares, thus promoting user convenience.

Subramanya Sharma, Chief Product Officer, Cleartrip, said, “Simplifying the travel experience is the main reason why Cleartrippers come to work every day. The introduction of ‘Shortlists’ for flight bookings is a big step towards making international travel simple.

“This solves for the ‘search fatigue’ that most international leisure travelers face today. We will continue to build tools that simplify travel planning and discovery for our customers.”

Natasha Nitturkar