We got Booking.com to delve into their India database to reveal key trends for Indian travellers in 2019.

  • Single Apps: On an average, 80 per cent travellers prefer to use a single app for all their planning, booking and travel needs.
  • Space Travel: 71 per cent confirm they are excited about the prospect of space travel in the future and are open to considering the experience themselves.
  • Tech Travel: While seven in ten want travel brands to use tech to make suggestions based on their past travels (71 per cent). Three quarters are excited about travel tech innovations like a digital tour guide, giving them a bespoke service.
  • Socially Conscious: Almost seven in ten travellers take social issues into account when choosing a holiday destination (69 per cent) and a similar number choose not to travel to a destination if they feel it will have a negative effect on the people who live there.
  • Pride Travel: Three in five plan to travel to attend a Pride festival in 2019.
  • Environmentally Conscious: The vast majority of travellers say they would be willing to spend time on activities that offset the environmental impact of their stay (97 per cent), while almost half say they would be willing to clear plastic or litter from their destination while on holiday.