recently commissioned a research study which determined whether the nationality of travellers influence their travel preferences. The survey was independently conducted with a sample of 53,492 respondents across 31 markets. Amongst the participants, 1852 were Indian.

The travel stimulant that ranked highest among most nationalities was “giving myself time to relax”.

However, on comparing the results between different nationalities, it became apparent that people from around the globe had varying preferences. For instance, Argentinians are tempted by nostalgia, Chinese and Taiwanese travellers give importance to “experiencing a simpler lifestyle and Japanese, German and Hong Kong travellers are travelling to get away from home.” For Indonesians (75 per cent), Indian (75 per cent) and Filipino travellers (80 per cent), motivation to travel is to go to places that their friends have not been.

Amongst Indians, the top motivation to travel was to give themselves time to relax and unwind (88 per cent).

Top 5 Motivations to Travel – Global Travellers Top 5 Motivations to Travel – Indians
Give myself time to relax Give myself time to relax
Taking time to mentally unwind Seeing as much as possible
Having experiences, I could not have at home  Experiences I couldn’t have at home


Seeing as much as possible Experience new / different lifestyles
Being free to act how I feel Finding thrills and excitement

Besides motivation, nationality also had an impact on the choice of destination. For Indians, the top five factors that they took into consideration before narrowing down on a location were- personal safety, cleanliness, outstanding natural scenery, tasty local food/cuisine and quality beaches.

Additionally, accessibility was also crucial in understanding travel behaviour. Individuals are more likely to choose destinations that are easier to reach. Out of the top 10 places Indians travelled to in 2018, Bhutan was a steady first.

Prealene Khera