Air New Zealand has headed to Antarctica in its latest in-flight safety video, which shines a light on the climate and environmental research being conducted on the southern continent.

The video sees Hollywood actor and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Adrian Grenier (Entourage, The Devil Wears Prada), team up with scientists from Scott Base as they track penguin populations, study ice samples and visit the hut of early 20th-century explorer, Ernest Shackleton.

Air New Zealand sent just six people to Antarctica to film the video in order to reduce the environmental impact of shooting. Members of Scott Base also act as extras in the video.

“Multiple teams of researchers are investigating ecosystems on land and water in the Ross Sea area,” said Jodi Williams, global head of content marketing at the airline. “The goal is go build a monitoring network to understand how rapidly the impacts of environmental change expected in a warming world may play out.”

“We are incredibly proud to contribute to this world-class research and are confident the safety video project will encourage millions of people to reflect on the role they can play to minimise their own impact on our environment.”

Air New Zealand already had a pre-existing partnership with Antarctica New Zealand and the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute prior to filming the new video.

The Kiwi carrier has become renowned for its unique takes on in-flight safety videos, which regularly feature New Zealand and Hollywood celebrities.

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