BA adds pulled pork to First menu

British Airways will next month add a pulled pork sandwich to its inflight first class menu.

The US recipe has been developed by the airline’s chefs over the past six months.

The pork is slow-cooked for 14 hours before being hand-pulled. Sage and onions are then added “to ensure a full, smoky flavour”, BA said.

BA pulled pork

The meat is served with “apple, ginger and sultana chutney and a side of candy stripe beetroot, red beetroot and purple potato crisps”.

It will be available in BA’s first cabin from September. On flights to the Middle East, slow roasted duck will instead be available.

BA chef Mark Tazzioli said: “Pulled pork is incredibly fashionable right now following the emergence of gourmet food trucks, craft butchers and rustic restaurants.

“As taste buds are affected at altitude, we have created a special rub, which has scored highly in taste-tests. We are confident this new dish will prove popular with our customers who love comfort food when they fly.”

In June, BA added a gourmet burger — called the Flying Burger — to its first class bistro menu (see news, May 29). The airline earlier this year served traditional fish and chips on some short-haul flights (see news, April 14).

And this month, BA announced it will trial an online pre-flight meal selection service on some of its routes (see news, August 7).

Graham Smith

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  • Fish and Chips, Burgers, and now Pulled Pork, is BA`s First Class slowly becoming BA`s No Class!? Mac and Cheese is also hip right now, get it soon on BA First!!!

  • I travel a lot with BA and am yet to have the Fish and Chips, A burger or now what looks like the driest Pulled Pork I’ve ever seen. Maybe BA should employ a food stylist before issuing food pictures. That picture looks AWFUL…or maybe they’re managing expectations?

  • I hope that is from the snack menu and not a main course. I love pulled pork when it is well presented, but the image provided does not appeal at all!
    Come on BA, you can do better than that.
    The food in First used to be one of the highlights of the trip.

  • I think dutchyankee that you have no class and you think you get it by saying that.
    I had fish&chips in a 2 star michelin in Marlow, i had burger in a 1 star michelin and wonderful pulled pork many places. I think this comfort food is perfect in First. I am looking forward to next month when travelling in First 😉

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