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    I was flying home from Dubai last month and I was one of only two people in Business Class, about ten minutes after take-off a man came through the curtain from Economy and joined us. I wasn’t really paying attention because I was reading a complex document but the other passenger in Business was very annoyed and summoned a crew member who of course sent him back to Economy.

    What did surprise me was the level of outrage felt by this man who was in Business with me. He was clearly very angry and kept trying to engage me in a conversation about it and repeated over and over how “disgusting” this was.

    My question is are others here bothered in the same way ?

    I think we have all seen people ‘trying their luck’ by sliding into Business of First and hoping the crew will not notice, I don’t care that much but I wonder how others feel.



    Personally, I couldn’t care less unless it impacts directly on me or a fellow passenger or poses a security risk.

    I would suggest that there are far greater issues to concern us all at this time.



    As I pay all my own travel expenditure as I have my own business, it would annoy me no end if I have paid the fare to be in Business Class, and someone ‘sneaks’ in, for sure I would be irritated and would likewise advise the Cabin Crew. However, if it was handled, that would be the end of it, and I would not harp on it like it seems the fellow passenger on Charles’ flight did. Upgrades by the airline or crew are fine as there is normally a very good reason, and we have all enjoyed them at some point I am sure, but someone trying their luck for me is a problem and I would be pissed off if it wasn’t dealt with.

    I would be surprised, however, if the cabin only had two of you in it that the crew wouldn’t have eventually noticed this on their own and remedied the situation.



    Same here. I couldn’t care less. I was one of two passengers in WT+ on a flight to Chicago and a man decided to join us from Economy. He was given his marching orders immediately by CC.

    What puzzles me is where do these people get the nerve ? !!



    @ icenspice – 09/12/2015 10:27 GMT

    Yes some people really do have a brass neck. The thing that I have long understood about the UK is that there are “chancers” out there who try it on simply because most people are too craven to turn around and say “No!”



    @ AnthonyDunn – 09/12/2015 10:30 GMT

    Exactly, I think the PC culture makes people reticent to speak up even when something is blatantly wrong or inappropriate. Thankfully, being Dutch, we are taught at a very young age, be direct and take no s _ _ t! 🙂



    I would be one of the people who would mind. I pay for a product and expect it to be delivered. Upgrading yourself is no different to stealing from the airline and from the people who have paid to sit in a premium cabin. When I book C I expect to get C, if I book F I expect F and I expect the crew to maintain the integrity of the cabin.



    @ JohnHarper – 09/12/2015 10:33 GMT




    Looks like I am in the minority here !

    Perhaps wrongly I sometimes admire people who ‘try their luck’ and get a little extra. Must be the Arthur Daley in me 🙂



    @JohnHarper – 09/12/2015 10:33 GMT
    @dutchyankee – 09/12/2015 10:34 GMT

    +1 I cannot stand people trying it on or taking the p*ss.



    AnthonyDunn – 09/12/2015 11:15 GMT

    I agree somewhat especially when a premium is paid, however in my younger years was always up for waltzing into places I didn’t have accreditation for including ….

    – Walking through the empty pit-lane garages to join the frontline crews at World Superbike award ceremonies.
    – Relocating myself and partner to the empty Royal Box at Albert Hall during Miss Saigon.
    – Whilst engaged in “heavy” conversation entering VIP areas in clubs etc.

    Nowadays I train graduates and post-grads in “executive presence” which includes “fake it until you make it”. The psychology works, what’s the worst that can happen?



    BigDog – well said.

    Best piece of advice I ever received.

    Young officer, straight from Cranwell, no real idea what I was doing. Introduced to the Flight Sergeant who headed my ground crew, he invited me for a private cup of tea.

    “Sir, it’s easy to command men. You don’t know how to do it, we know you don’t know and you know, we know. None of that matters. Be confident, be fair, be honest and lead from the front”



    Best Advice I’ve ever received (other than yours Charles re: the Munich Lounges 🙂 ), was ‘you get what you pay for,’ and as such if you want it, pay for it, otherwise be happy with what you got!



    “What did surprise me was the level of outrage felt by this man who was in Business with me. He was clearly very angry and kept trying to engage me in a conversation about it and repeated over and over how “disgusting” this was. “

    Some people do feel disgusted by thieves.

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