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    openfly – 13/04/2016 08:07 BST

    I have set up a folder structure on my laptop for invoicing and a sub-folder is named ‘receipts’. In this folder, I download all etickets as soon as issued (by printing as a PDF), as well as hotel bookings, rail tickets, car hire vouchers etc.

    A few days before my trip, I just print out the physical vouchers and place them in an A5 plastic wallet (along with my certs of insurance), which sits permanently in a section of my Tumi laptop bag.

    It may be ‘old tech’, but it works.

    I also load the details into my cellphone, like you. It’s much more convenient, but it’s good to have a hard copy backup and some companies still insist on receiving a paper voucher, even in the ‘e’ enabled world.


    FDOS_UK – I do similar but in electronic form. I forward all travel booking emails to Tripit and then they appear in the Tripit app. PNR’s, booking references, maps, the lot. App is free with paid for premium options. I have used the free option for years.

    Also had a near miss last month. Phone didn’t charge and boarding pass on the phone was the only thing i had. Luckily I carry a Anker battery pack and got some charge into the phone. I now print paper copies or grab a paper boarding card at check-in.


    on a side note a handy app for holding your booking info is “My flights”. Its handy for tracking changes in aircraft on your booking and seeing booking classes clearly. It can also alert you to these changes.

    It works with Amadeus and Sabre booking systems.just need your booking ref.


    Thanks guys for the info. My “pen and paper” system has never had a failure! I’ve never had to phone in and complain, or go to Vodafone, or call Apple. It seems to be the perfect instant answer! :-))


    what a strange dream I had last night…. 🙂

    Like FDOS, I have a back system for flight and hotel bookings.. in fact for anything I buy on the internet.

    I have a totally paperless expense system, only using windows files and folders.

    Every ticket, avios and revenue, I print the e-ticket (pdf) to my “Airfares” folder in expenses.. The cost goes onto a spread sheet with the booking reference/locator and ticket number…


    Yes, FDOS, in Scotland we are level headed and don’t panic at the first sign of change (should I call you Corporal Jones?)!! As I pointed out, even in extreme emergencies (like last night), bookings were accessible via Manage My Booking and in the unlikely event that you cannot access your Booking Reference on the day of departure, I am sure that the helpful folk at BAEC will be able to assist.

    Me thinks the flypaper was hung out to attract flies and that it certainly did……


    TominScotland – 13/04/2016 09:39 BST

    Of course there was no panic for you, you were not travelling, were you?

    I fail to see any panic in my OP, either, just an expression of surprise that a multinational corporation has an unstable website.

    You appear to lack the empathy to understand that this short glitch could have caused fellow travellers inconvenience, but hey-ho, that’s your choice.


    What would the actual inconvenience be???
    If you’re travelling, you’d surely know about it beforehand. If the booking is not showing in the app (which I agree is frustrating, but not the worst thing in the world), you can surely find your booking by searching your emails and then checking in at the airport!
    FDOS, you really need to calm down – your crusade against BA’s IT dept is getting really boring now.


    “What would the actual inconvenience be???”

    One example, a business traveller I know was flying from Paris last year and had checked in online.

    They had problems retrieving the BP from the app, when clearing immigration for boarding and had not kept a note of the reference number.

    There were no BA staff at the check in desks (and the lounge staff, as it was landside, could not assist as they were not from BA.)

    By the time the person got through to the exec club, the gate was closed and they missed the flight.

    As it happens, BA were very good about it and paid for a hotel and put the person on a flight the next morning, but I’d call an extra night away pretty inconvenient.


    And he couldn’t check his emails to find that number out?
    And no one in the airport could print him a boarding pass?


    She didn’t have the work email on her personal phone and no-one could print out a boarding pass, as the BA check in had closed and the people on it, gone home. The lounge were not connected to the BA system.


    My last few upcoming flights on BA all appear on the BA APP and in my BAEC account. Is the glitch therefore over and this issue is now mute, or will it likewise go 25 pages? 🙂


    i hope it’s moot and goes mute.
    But I doubt it somehow – especially when a poster can bring up the most unique set of circumstances / experience of 1 person to justify their POV


    Just to some problems BA IT have been having over last 7-14 days:

    Multiple problems checking clients in online – unstable across various platforms. sometimes checking in via app as unable on IE, other times only working on Chrome – or on Safari – or on Firefox – or on tablet. Sometimes not at all.

    Passengers being unable to check in online then being bumped off flights onto later flights “as they hadn’t checked in online” even though they weren’t able to.

    VCC’s not being accepted on for corporate clients bookings for additional items like seating / extra baggage which needs to go on clients account. So having to call through to get it added.

    BAOB program pulling through incorrect flight costs, or showing costs on tickets which should show as nil cost.

    BA codeshare booking with AA redirecting to AA site which would then redirect back to BA website – thus unable to allocate seat for client online (luckily could do on GDS).

    So right now BA IT department seems in a mess. The IT director needs a rocket up there rear end – and any performance bonus for this year should be foregone – as they are not performing.

    Not quite on scale of Panama papers admittedly – but persistent failures in this area over the last few months. Not good enough really. I’d be embarrassed if that was my job.




Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 99 total)
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