Turkish Airlines has introduced its Stopover in Istanbul program in India, allowing passengers to explore the city during layovers. Passengers flying with Turkish Airlines can enjoy free accommodation in select partner hotels, enhancing their travel experience with cultural immersion and memorable moments. The program targets Indian travellers, aiming to enrich their journeys by discovering Istanbul’s vibrant charm.

The surge in Indian travel interest to European destinations post-pandemic has led to increased visits, with Turkish Airlines emerging as a preferred choice for seamless journeys. The Stopover in Istanbul program offers an additional perk for passengers traveling to Europe, providing a complimentary stopover in Istanbul. Eligible passengers with a layover of at least 20 hours can apply for the program, receiving vouchers for free stays. Additionally, Turkish Airlines offers Touristanbul, a free layover service, and the Stopover Accommodation service is available at 108 destinations across 42 countries, including India. Business Class passengers enjoy a two-night stay in a 5-star hotel, while Economy Class passengers receive one night in a 4-star hotel.