Lufthansa has announced plans to refurbish a large portion of its A320 fleet.

A total of 38 A320 aircraft will be retrofitted with new interiors including new seats from Italian manufacturer Geven.

The carrier said that the seats would offer more legroom with the same seat spacing, “thanks to the ergonomic shaping of the backrests”.

The seats will also feature USB ports and new holders for tablets and smartphones (separate to the seat table).

In addition the aircraft will be fitted with overhead bins which can hold twice as many bags as the current models can, with cases able to be stored vertically.

The new design is understood to be Airbus’ Airspace interiors, which have also been line fitted to the airline’s newly delivered A321 neo aircraft since 2021.

The refit will begin in spring 2025, and follows the unveiling of Lufthansa’s new Allegris cabins which will be rolled out across much of the carrier’s long-haul fleet over the next few years.

First look at Lufthansa Allegris cabins