This week we have learnt more about the transatlantic plans for Norse Atlantic Airways.

This low-cost airline unveiled its Viking-inspired livery and said it will operate a fleet of 15 Boeing B787-9 Dreamliners.

No definite launch date has been decided. Originally it was supposed to be towards the end of 2021, but restrictions on US travel might delay this to 2022.

Norse Atlantic plans to fly out of London, Paris and Oslo to New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale. Exact airport details are not known at this time.

In truth some previous executives of Norwegian are behind this venture. Indeed the 15 B787s were previously operated by Norwegian.

Bjorn Kjos, previously CEO of Norwegian, is one of the founders of this new carrier. Norse Atlantic has a tough job on its hands as aviation and environmental expert Jeff Gazzard has tweeted.

Over the years since Sir Freddie Laker’s Skytrain took to the skies in 1977 there have been many keen carriers willing to take Skytrain’s place but all (to the best of my knowledge) have failed.

Tonight (Wednesday August 11) sees the inaugural departure of Jetblue to London Heathrow. Its first westbound flight from London will take place on Thursday.

Jetblue’s transatlantic mission is not a budget affair as some media claim. It seeks to differentiate itself from other budget carriers by providing business and economy class seating, by offering complimentary catering, and by using main airports like Heathrow.

Jetblue plans novel catering concept for transatlantic economy class

It will be interesting to learn whether or not Norse Atlantic can succeed.