SBB (Swiss Rail) has released its winter schedules, and as expected they mean a faster and more frequent service between Zurich and Munich.

The number of fast direct trains daily is doubled from three to six, and journey time is cut by 45 minutes to four hours one minute.

We reported about this development last July. Last time I focused on developments at the German end of the route as that was where the line approvements were being made.

Munich-Zurich rail journey more attractive to business travellers

Here I refer to the Swiss end of the route. Why? Because the trains being deployed for the faster services are from SBB and of course use electric power throughout (rather than being locomotive-hauled as is the situation now).

Mark Smith of Seat61 has tweeted some details of the SBB trains.

I have long been a fan of SBB’s website because of its speed and clarity.

However on this occasion I was disappointed. When checking Zurich-Munich schedules I found the fastest trains almost hidden behind a plethora of other, less convenient options.

So when checking timings readers must look out for those trains marked “0” for “Change trains” and also ensure the journey time is four hours one minute.

Conversely I found Deutsche Bahn’s website easier to navigate for this route.

Such an important route has been overlooked by the rail operators, which will be hoping this new product will attract travellers from air.

Surely they will gain many more point-to-point users but air links will survive.

This route links two airline hubs (think Amsterdam and Paris CDG), both of which are dominated by Lufthansa Group members who will want to transfer their customers efficiently between each hub.,