If all goes according to plan, business travellers will be having more Nightjet services from Switzerland starting in December 2021.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by SBB (Swiss Rail), the existing co-operation between it (SBB) and OEBB is expected to see the current schedule of six routes expanded to 10.

Three of these new routes would link Switzerland with Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona. Existing services to Germany and the Czech Republic would be boosted.

However SBB admits that “The planned expansion can only be achieved with the financial support of the Swiss Climate Fund.”

If plans succeed the first new route, one linking Zurich with Amsterdam via Frankfurt and Cologne, would start as early as December 2021.

OEBB is the main operator of sleeper trains in mainland Europe.

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn (DB) exited the sleeper train market some years ago while France’s SNCF operates just a few trains aimed at the leisure market.

OEBB is acquiring a new Nightjet fleet to help with this expansion.  These trains will be built for today’s customers and according to Seat61’s Mark Smith a particular feature will be mini-suites at couchette prices.

Both Austria and Switzerland are rail-minded and want more airline passengers to take the train on shorter routes.

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