Ahead of the World Tourism Day on September 27, Airbnb has revealed a report stating the key travel trends.

Live anywhere, the quest for unique accommodation, clean is the new green, and the resurgence of international travel corridors are few of the latest trends observed

Live anywhere: Over 20 per cent of all searches on Airbnb within the last three-month period in India, have been for long-term stays (more than 28 nights) at a property.

This indicates that with access to technology and remote working infrastructure, people are willing to relocate to new accommodations for months at a time. Additionally, a further 36 per cent of searches have been for stays that are between seven to 27 nights. Combined, the trend for ‘live anywhere’ accounts for demand across travel segments.

Unique accommodation: In the past 90 days, 45 per cent of searches by travellers were for tree houses, 41 per cent for barns and 34 per cent for farm stays.

Searches for ‘trips with kids’ account for nearly a fifth of all searches over the last 90 days. Millennials are also looking at staying at places which are great to photograph.

Clean is the new green: With remote offices becoming the trend, people want to stay connected all the time from anywhere. Around 23 per cent of guests specifically searched for homes with wifi as a top amenity followed by kitchens and pools, over the last 90 days.

Goa remains one of the most sought-after tourist destinations: As per traveller wish lists over the past 90 days, Goa continues to be the most-searched destination for homestays, followed by Lonavala, Shimla and Uttarakhand.

Consumer confidence in travel continues to build: With Indian government finalising air bubbles with different countries, the sentiment and searches for key destinations such as the USA, UK and UAE are on the rise.

Commenting on these trends, Amanpreet Bajaj, general manager – Airbnb India, southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan said:

“There is a gradual shift in consumer behaviour towards travel. Our recent search trends have pointed to the fact that travellers are looking to explore safe and hygienic accommodations that offer flexibility. Bookings trends have shown us that unique stays and large homes have emerged as a choice for family and friends to be together for breaks and longer stay options.

“We see additional interest in amenities that offer a home away from home, and long-term travel that appeals to a number of individuals and families who want to establish a remote working base outside of their homes. We feel that these trends will continue to drive the market with demand with customer service innovation, and more intimate accommodation formats”.