Finnair is boosting the value of its refund vouchers, in an attempt to persuade customers with cancelled flights to opt for them instead of a normal refund.

The carrier is adding 10 per cent onto the value of voucher refunds, for flights booked between March 16 and June 30, 2020.

The vouchers are valid for rebookings made within 12 months (travel can be beyond this date), and Finnair also highlighted that the vouchers are not name restricted, and so can be passed onto someone else to use. They can be used against any flights carrying an AY code booked via

Finnair stresses that the “optional voucher” option is applicable “for customers who bought tickets directly via on flights which have been cancelled by the airline and have opted for the voucher option rather than a simple refund”.

Finnair cut capacity by 90 per cent from the start of this month, with the reductions remaining in place “until the situation improves”.

Last month Aer Lingus launched a similar 10 per cent voucher refund boost, for flights scheduled to depart until May 31 – customers can choose this option whether or not their flight has been cancelled, and the voucher is valid for five years from date of issue.