Earlier today I learnt that London Heathrow is to become a single runway airport from Monday April 6.

The plan is for one runway to be in use at any one time, with the runway to be used changing on a weekly basis.

We can now confirm to readers that this information is correct and Heathrow has emailed Business Traveller with the following statement:

From Monday April 6 “Heathrow will be transitioning to single runway operations as a temporary measure to increase resilience and safety for colleagues, passengers and cargo”.

“Under this new operation, we will alternate which runway we use on a weekly basis and publish a new alternative schedule that will continue to provide local communities with respite periods.

“Although we are seeing significantly fewer flights at the moment, Heathrow will remain open so that we can continue to play a crucial role in helping to secure vital medical goods and foods for the nation during this unprecedented epidemic.”

Heathrow says that 41 per cent of the UK’s pharmaceutical products are being imported via Heathrow.

More details of the planned weekly alternation schedules will be available on heathrow.com/noise.

The move follows changes to several of London’s other airports as they adjust to reduced demand. Gatwick closed its North Terminal earlier this week, and London City has closed to all commercial and private flights until the end of April.