In an effort to enhance passenger safety measures, the GVK-run Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport has announced the addition of breath analyser examination centre.

This is in accordance with the latest directive issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and covers all employees performing safety-sensitive activities at the airside as opposed to the earlier requisite that demanded breath analyser test only among the on-duty pilots and cabin crew.

Now, personnel from aerodrome operations, aerodrome rescue and fire fighting, ground handling, aircraft maintenance, and ATC will have to undergo the BA examination at CSMIA. 

The examination at CSMIA will be conducted through the existing 24-hour medical centres available at the airport terminals and the three newly added facilities at the airside.

A MIAL Spokesperson said, “Passengers’ safety holds the highest priority and GVK MIAL endeavours to provide passengers with utmost security through thorough checks by an experienced in-house medical team for employees working at the airside. This is a further assurance to the passengers that when they fly via Mumbai, they not only receive world-class amenities but also services that are as per strict guidelines laid down by regulatory bodies.”