Scotland’s Loganair is set to announce schedule changes for the coming weeks and months.

Although Loganair has yet to confirm anything officially, Business Traveller can reveal that readers must expect schedule changes.

It is true that for some routes the reductions are seasonal but others are being reduced presumably because of poor demand.

It must be noted that Loganair had taken over a few of these routes from failed carrier Flybmi earlier this year.

This news comes hard on the heels of Loganair’s announcement of a Derry-London Southend service.

Among the cuts include a reduction in services at Carlisle, whose airport reopened only a few weeks ago.

From September 16 Loganair is reducing flight frequency from Carlisle to Belfast and Dublin, with the number of weekly flights on these routes falling from five to four.

The Carlisle-London Southend service remains at four flights a week.

However two recent routes from London Southend – those to Glasgow and Aberdeen, will see reduced services as early as next week.

Both operate three times daily during the working week but will be downgraded to twice daily service from September 2.

It is believed other changes, mostly effective from end October, will affect these routes (at time of writing):

  • Glasgow-Donegal
  • Glasgow-Dusseldorf
  • Glasgow-Derry

A spokesperson for Loganair said:

“As is common with any travel provider, we annually make seasonal network adjustments to align with customer demand during winter months. These amendments are pre-planned and often replicate year-upon-year.”

“In response to customer feedback we’ve adjusted the schedule between Glasgow and Aberdeen to London Southend – implementing a more convenient 6pm/6.30pm northerly departure while also terminating the existing afternoon service.

“Despite these changes, next week we’re set to commence four new routes from Aberdeen and East Midlands and plan to announce a series of additional routes across our network next month.”