Scottish regional airline Loganair has announced it will take over five routes previously served by the defunct Flybmi.

Flybmi ceased all operations at the weekend, grounding 17 aircraft which had been flying to a total of 25 European cities. The carrier blamed Brexit uncertainty and rises in fuel costs for the collapse.

Loganair – which is owned by the same parent company (Airline Investments Limited) as Flybmi – had been codesharing on three Flybmi routes from Aberdeen to Bristol, Oslo and Esbjerg, and will now operate these services itself from March 4.

In addition the Scottish airline will take over Flybmi routes from Newcastle to Stavanger and Brussels from March 25.

In a statement Jonathan Hinkles. Loganair’s managing director said:

“It’s always really sad to see an airline go out of business, and our thoughts are with all those affected – particularly staff members.

“We are evaluating Flybmi’s wider network and assessing routes which align with Loganair’s distinct geographical area and overall strategic plans.

“We are also working on employment opportunities for pilots, cabin crew and engineering support staff to strengthen the Loganair team.”

Flybmi is the latest in a series of European carriers to cease operations, with Belgian airline VLM going into liquidation in September last year, followed by Nordic carrier Primera Air and Cypriot airline Cobalt in October.,