Abu Dhabi International Airport has upgraded its wifi network to offer download speeds of up to 200 megabits per second.

The airport has installed what it calls ‘Super-Fi’ in all three of its terminals. Full access to the network is free in arrival and departure areas.

The move gives Abu Dhabi one of the best airport wifi offerings in the world.

Last year Dubai International Airport rolled out ‘WOW-Fi’ with a top speed of 100 mbps.

Boarding gates at Hong Kong International Airport boast speeds of up to 400 mbps, though not through the whole terminal.

Seattle–Tacoma International has the quickest US airport wifi, according to Speedtest, at 103 mbps.

JFK offers free, two-click wifi at 50mbps, while travellers at Heathrow must pay or join Heathrow Rewards to access speeds of up to 10mbps.

Abu Dhabi Airports CEO Bryan Thompson said:

“Access to fast internet is a crucial factor that makes a big difference for our travellers. Providing our customers with enhanced connectivity services is in line with our vision of becoming the world’s leading airports group.

“Technology is at the heart of our digital transformation strategy, and this improved internet infrastructure will open the door to further smart services and connected solutions.”