Travellers are more likely to find a connecting flight to their final destination at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport than any other airport in the US, according to a new report from the flight-information group OAG.

The Street reports that OAG’s Megahubs US Index report looked at a three-hour window of arriving and department flights and gave O’Hare a “Connectivity Index” score of 455.

The next most-connected airport was Atlanta’s Jackson-Hartfield International Airport (390), followed by Charlotte Douglas International Airport (238), Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (207), and Denver International Airport (186).

Airports were ranked by the ratio of possible scheduled connections to the number of destinations served.

The availability of multiple connections makes it easier for travellers who want to book flights on multiple airlines to save money. “It’s becoming increasingly prevalent for people to self-connect and find their own opportunities as the internet becomes more transparent,” said OAG senior analyst John Grant.

However, doing so can involve flights arriving and departing from different terminals, which can make such “hacker” itineraries more logistically challenging.

More connections at O’Hare involve multiple airlines, while those at Atlanta and Dallas are simpler to make because they tend to be on the airlines that use these airports as hubs — Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, respectively.