Air France: “no fat tax”

Air France has released a statement denying it is to make “corpulent” passengers pay for a second seat, following recent articles in both the French and UK media.

Reports on online versions of Le Monde and the Daily Mail state that overweight passengers who struggle to fit into their seat will be charged for a second one under a new rule.

However in a statement released today Air France says that it has “no intention of making corpulent passengers pay for a second seat”.

The carrier adds that since 2005 it “has been offering corpulent passengers the possibility of purchasing a second seat to ensure they travel in optimum comfort and safety”.

This second seats benefits from a 25 per cent discount, and from February 1 the airline will introduce a policy of refunding passengers who have paid for this extra seat, in circumstances where the economy cabin is not full.

The subject of overweight passengers on flights has attracted much debate on the forum – to join in the debate click here.

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  • If a “corpulent passenger” purchases a second seat, do they get an extra meal as well? If they do, that is hardly helping helping with their corpulence!!

  • I’m not actually very fat but I’m deeply anti-social and I really like having an empty seat next to me.

    25% off and you only pay for the extra seat if the flight’s full. I think that Southwest offer the same deal within the US.

    Easyjet, I think, have an even better deal – no taxes and what ever price you pay for the original seat you pay for the extra one– it might just be £10.

    What if I claim to think that I’m seriously overweight and buy the extra seat ?
    If challenged, I’ll say that I have dysmorphic body disorder. Do you think they have some test of being corpulent?

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