Marriott recruits hotel inspectors

Marriott is looking for a team of “hotel inspectors” to visit its recently-refurbished UK properties and report back on facilities and service at the hotels.

There are six posts up for grabs, with Marriott looking to recruit individuals from different UK regions and with differing areas of personal expertise and needs, from “the busy businessperson to the frazzled mum”.

Successful candidates will get to stay at designated properties and sample facilities such as the restaurants, spas and golf courses, before reporting back to Marriott on their experiences.

The hotel group says that the aim of the initiative is to ensure that its properties “stay in top condition” following the completion of a £120m refurbishment programme across the UK portfolio. Interested individuals have until February 10 to contact Marriott by one of the means below, explaining their personal areas of interest and why they think they would be the perfect fit for the role, detailing any relevant experience they may have.

The recent refurbishment project has seen the overhaul of 41 Marriott hotels across the UK, equating to almost half of the group’s UK portfolio. Upgrades include equipping all guest rooms with 32-inch flatscreen TVs, and adding its “Great Room” lobby concept to six of the properties, with zones for work, relaxation, socialising and play.

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Report by Mark Caswell

Hotel Inspector T&Cs

  • Candidates should email their entry to [email protected], or apply in writing to: Marriott Hotel Inspectors, Nylon Communications, 19a Floral Street, London WC2E 9DS
  • Applicants must be over 18, and provide their full name and contact details
  • The deadline for entries is February 10, 2010
  • The successful Inspectors will be selected by a panel of independent hotel experts and winners will be notified by February 19, 2010.

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  • im a retired nurse {took early retirement} and grandmother. I have lots of free time on my hands to visit hotels in the uk, and i can be quite fiexiable. I love staying in different hotels and often compare and rate them when discussing it with friends and family. I love city breaks so ive stayed in lots of city hotels, and ive also visited spa hotels. im a well traveled person so i know what standards to expect from a good hotel. I have in the past written letters to hotel managers if ive felt that the place neads upgrading and the standards are below par. I would really enjoy the opportunity to be an undercover inspector.

  • My wife and I love travelling not only in the uk but abroad also .I am a quite fit 70 years of age my wife is a very young 55 yoa. We are both retired me as a civil servant my wife as a sister with the nhs. We love eating out and both are tempted to try different menus when we see them. We are concerned about the ameneties available to the older but quite fit generation in all types of hotels and bed and breakfast places. We love “People watching” and comparing notes on the different atmospheres we have encountered in other places we have stayed in.Therefore we feel that we would make the ideal candidates as hotel inspectors.

  • What an opportunity! My husband and I love to travel and to stay in good hotels, we enjoy eating out, lovely restaurants, and enjoying life in general.especially when visiting a new town/city. I am retired and my husband retires this year, we a young at heart 63 and 59 year old. . We have a zest for life, and love to try new places. We expect high standards when we stay in hotels and have experienced the very good, also the not so good. We are able to make constructive criricism. and would be delighted to use our love of travel and discovering different places in such a way, we feel we ‘have what it takes’ to be hotel inspectors – a role we could fit into easily! We hope that you will consider us!

  • I am looking to get a part time job as a hotel inspector.

    I am currently travelling the world as my main job is an airline pilot, so i find myself staying in lots of different hotels on a weekly basis.

    Please contact me regarding advise, emails address of possible employers. etc
    Thank you for your time.


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