Which airports should be completely demolished and rebuilt?

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  • LuganoPirate

    I haven’t flown to NBO for years so didn’t know about the new terminal. However unlike sandtrekker I quite liked the old terminal. It had a real air of Africa about it!


    LP… completely agree with your sentiments. I remember arriving at Embakazi (usually in a BOAC or EAA VC 10) and walking down steps and across the apron and into a well-spaced and well-paced terminal. No shops – perhaps a coffee corner. Ease of passage amidst pleasant people. Gone forever, alas!


    @LP – the fire forced a bit of a rejig. The Skyteam
    Terminal (T1 I think it is) has been redone.

    The work has now moved on to the next part (includes BA/EK)

    All arrivals are now bused to the arrivals area in what was planned to be the car park. Gets a bit crowded at peak times but there are no “market stalls”.

    What used to be the arrivals area (in the middle of the horse shoe) has been demolished and is a parking area.


    @SimonS1 – many thanks for the update. Now perhaps Dar will be taking the hint.


    Yep, Dar is still dire so to speak. I queued there for 30 mins just to get through the X-ray and into the terminal.

    The new airport is underway but progressing quite slowly.


    Thanks Simon, I’ll know now what to expect and ditto for Dar. I have to visit both shortly.


    LP – do you need a visa for Tanzania? If so worth getting in advance as it is totally shambolic the way it’s handled there.

    At least Kenyan visas are now online.


    Did anyone mention Newark?

    Don’t renovate Newark Airport – demolish it, panel says

    Feel free to update this thread!


    CDG. No point in rebuilding it, just relocate all the flights to AMS. And if they leave it long enough, it will probably collapse onto itself anyway.

    CRL : Ended up there a couple of weeks ago. I’ve seen better organised airports in Africa. Had to take a hot smelly bus to a rat infested alley at the back of Brussels Midi station.


    LHR, critics of other airports can use those arguements against Heathrow too.
    In particular one company having a monopoly over its operation and now given even more taxpayers money to build another RWY in a very populated area – the excuse is its more work for those people – a lie since automation will take over and reduce the workforce!
    When will a government give a licence to develop LGW and STN, inevitable eventually.
    LHR can be replaced by a four runway airport with all landing and take-offs over the sea at Foulness Island paid by private companies – call it London East, Foulness, LEF it out of populated areas!


    All these posts have talked about knocking down airports. Some I agree with, some I do not, but most I have had no experience of.
    How about depicting what one looks for in an intermediate sized or large airport?
    I glean that nobody is going to be satisfied completely. Size in itself will provide inconvenience.


    Agree that there are problems at LBA but these pale into insignificance compared with the disaster that is LHR….give me LBA any time over Heathrow


    I would suggest that those airports in the USA often used for transit by passengers arriving from one country, and departing to another without actually needing to enter the USA, should be rebuilt to allow international transits to be made completely airside. This is possible all over the place in other countries – for example, in Amsterdam, Istanbul and in Guangzhou.

    Examples are Miami, Atlanta and LAX. I arrived in Atlanta yesterday from Costa Rica, and departed for LHR. There should be absolutely no need to queue for 1.25 hours to get a stamp in the passport. When on the way to New Zealand via LAX, what is the point of rituals for entering the USA to be applied when you are not entering the USA?


    David, you are absolutely right about the US and transferring without entering the US. A reason that when traveling to NZ I will always go east and never through the US.

    For airports to be demolished and re-designed and -build IMHO?

    US – IAD, Newark, Miami, Orlando (MCO), LAX

    Europe – Stockholm Arlanda, Berlin Brandenburg, Paris CDG and ORY

    Africa – Most airports

    Australia – Perth


    I’ve ranted enough about EDI, which is actually getting worse as the ongoing development continues — To echo earlier comments – Seems to be a lack of future proofing at point of build and a continued infestation of retail outlets.

    I’ve been trying to think of airports that I’ve visited recently that really need to re=think how their layout / decorating impacts on the passenger experience.

    1) Manchester – Totally unfit for purpose. A menagerie of an ageing modern glass retail monstrosity (the CX terminal) transiting through time to a structure that reeks of a 70’s high school corridor desperately needing a paint job.(the Flybe terminal)
    2) Dublin – New terminal absolutely fine, but if Manchester is a hark back to the 70’s then the old terminal can proudly transport us back to an even earlier age when Viscounts donned the Aer Lingus livery. — -Although some might argue, the terminal sets you up nicely for your Ryanair flight !!
    3) Cardiff — As the rest of Wales finally realises that we’re now into a new millennium , it’s refreshing to see that CWL is definitely clinging on to that nostalgic period that a few of us long for. When airships and Clippers ruled the skies and travel was enjoyable.
    4) Prestwick – As above , prove of the pudding, the name of the bar, which is a tribute to Elvis, or to be more precise —his song “ In the (Glasgow) Ghetto “

    All should have a bulldozer fully fuelled and ready to go !!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 118 total)
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