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  • Tony-UK

    SimonS1 – 17/06/2016 12:42 BST

    “I doubt BA will take any notice of things on this thread. A handful of posters with a record (rightly or wrongly) of moaning about all things BA is hardly representative of the real world.”

    I suspect that many of the posters are frequent flyers, and the views expressed resonate with those that I hear from colleagues. If BA is prepared to ignore the views of those customers then good luck to it, success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure…


    I imagine in the balance of fairness, there must be a number of people who find reason with SkyTeam and Star to move to OW / BA.
    I know I did a few years back.

    As this forum seems to attract a good number of those that utilise BA to a reasonable degree (as few other airlines seem to receive much commentary), I suspect we don’t get to hear how DL, UA, LH, VS etc annoy their pax from time to time.

    I doubt BA has a monopoly as the only airline that seems to attract people’s ire!



    “As far as I know no-one has been forced into a BA aircraft against their will and we all have a choice”

    You obviously don’t know about the employees restricted to BA by corporate contracts/policies and who do not have a choice of airline.

    These contracts contribute a far larger slice of BA’s revenue pie than many people realise.


    My morals have been questioned which is unfortunate. Let me take the main issues with my previous post that seems to have got people’s dander up.

    1. BA has indeed slashed the salaries of its staff to a level I personally think is unfair. However the fact is that BA is doing it to be able to compete on a level playing field with the likes of Ryanair/Easyjet/Qatar/Emirates. The fact is, they started it BA merely had to follow. If you think it nuts, let’s consider who didn’t follow and are now reaping the rewards, Air France/Lufthansa.

    2. Do I think Willie Walsh is worth what he is paid, no I don’t, just as I don’t think Wayne Rooney is either. The salarys of some major CEO,s is indeed Obscene, but unlike the bankers he did not get a big fat bonus for losing money.

    3. Am I a capitalist, yes, as I think it is the only political system that will nurture hard work and innovation. It is not perfect, but it is what we have and I can think of no better system than the market decides. I do not consider that in all areas, I have been on this forum defending the very low paid people like security chaps at airports ( where too many disrespectfully call them goons). They too are trying to keep us safe. So up yours on that one. I am perfectly happy with my morals and values, I happen to think those that can should, and those that can’t should be helped by society to be able to.

    4. Dead right I bought the shares for growth and dividends. So what, if I didn’t buy them someone else would. BA would be unaffected by me selling my shares, just as it would be unaffected if anyone or even all who have made a contribution to this thread never flew BA again. The fact I am a shareholder however does not mean I agree with everything BA management trot out.

    Lastly, my comments regarding BA,s green credentials in saving emmisions by cramming more people in to its airframes and getting rid of the food was 95% in humour. Note 95, not 100.

    Now, where are my pall mall.


    @ MrMichael – 17/06/2016 14:50 BST

    Entirely reasonable.

    As for questioning ethics, let him who is beyond reproach cast the first stone. If we were all so morally beyond reproach, then perhaps we’d baulk at taking advantage of any the ME3’s bargain basement fares knowing that these rely upon paying very low wages attached to draconian T&Cs of employment to staff from the Indian sub-continent.

    But if the lunatics end up taking over the asylum after any vote to leave the EU, we might yet end with comparable working conditions in the UK if Patel et al get their way with “deregulation” and a “bonfire of red tape…”


    Indeed FDOS. I have worked in a company where this was the case. However I was never forced to travel against my will.

    The choice was always to find another role in the organisation or outside. There were always plenty of volunteers for the jobs that involved overseas travel and I’m sure that would be the case now, BA or no BA.


    In your handbag MrMichael.

    (Still your #1 fan)


    Well thank you Ice!


    Making the sky the worst place on earth.

Viewing 9 posts - 91 through 99 (of 99 total)
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