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    I appreciate that some who post here will not find this amusing but I thought those of us who do could help BA come up with a strapline to replace ‘To Fly to Serve’ which seems to me rather redundant these days as they accelerate ever faster for the bottom.

    So to kick off:

    Pay more for less

    Lower your expectations

    Used to be the world’s favourite airline

    High costs and high fares

    High cost low service

    Racing to the bottom

    To fly to rip you off

    To fly but not to serve

    Used to be a great way to fly (but not as good as SIA)

    We’ll take no care of you when you fly the flag

    Service that used to be with a smile (until we demoralised our crews)

    I wonder if we can get this to as many pages as some of the excellent threads started by FDOS.


    How about

    “volar para ganar”

    Seeing as it is a brand of a Spanish company?

    I predict over 150 posts for this thread 🙂


    I only need JohnHarper on my card now and I can shout ‘bingo’.


    To Fly, Serve Yourself In Economy


    AnthonyDunn – 11/06/2016 20:27 BST

    What exactly do you take offence at, in my new strapline?


    Not bad to see Goodwin’s Law demonstrated by post #4.


    “We make RyanAir look World Class”


    @WW – I think your first line above your first comment is a perfect strapline…..

    British Airways – “so to kick off”


    To Fly To Save (You Fly, We Save)



    “You Fly, You Suffer, We Save”


    A bit much cynism for the Sunday morning 😉

    And as we have learned: a cynic knows the price of everyting, but the value of nothing.
    No need to damage the BA brand or management here anymore. They are quite capable to manage on their own, unfortunately. (No cynism)


    WillieWelsh – good of you to start this topic. BA does need a re-brand but I doubt the bean counters would pay for consultancy these days and anyway it’s better for them to trade on (long) past glory.

    BA First – like Business Class on other airlines

    Downgrade to BA

    BA Club World the most densely packed business class seating in the sky

    BA Club – not what you imagine a Club to be

    BA Club A Club beyond your imagination

    Not a great way to fly


    To fly Unaccompanied Minor Free …..
    (as in no longer welcome as it saves us money)


    After last weeks return from JFK, I’m feeling particularly cynical so;

    BA – Fly direct – to disappointment.

    Save a flower – Choose Club World with BA

    BA Club World – Coffin seats for Coffin dodgers

    Fly SAS long haul for the benefits of on board WiFi – Choose BA Club World if you just want the Why….

    Earn just 5,000 Tier Points and you will be awarded the key to cold food served on cold plates, in the elegant luxury of our Concorde rooms.

    As a ‘Gold Guest List’ member of our executive club, your views are very important to us and therefore, we will ask you to complete a 15 minute survey after every long haul flight you take with us.
    We will read and digest all survey responses and then completely ignore those responses (unless they save us money) & ensure that absolutely nothing changes (unless it saves us money)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 99 total)
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