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  • SimonS1

    You could do a triple whammy there rferguson.

    As you go down the jetty – station 1: newspaper, station 2: headset, station 3: packed lunch if required.

    Top up stations as required and wheel off to next flight.


    In the old days, I seem to recall the LHR-MAN shuttle having an boarding barrier (bit like Eurostar) and on the other side, there were snack packs and hot drinks to collect and take on board (IIRC.) There were probably newspapers, too, but I can’t remember firmly.

    So it has been done in the past.


    Hmm…. came on this thread hoping to find some amusing straplines.


    AhMrBond – 15/06/2016 09:45 BST

    Take a look on page 1.

    Here’s another (with reference to the BoB discussions) ‘To Fly to Sell’.


    AhMrBond – 15/06/2016 09:45 BST

    Perhaps you have some to contribute?


    America West Airlines used to be:

    Lower fares, fewer restrictions


    High fares, lots of conditions attached.


    BA – “We listen to our customers”………………….we don’t do anything but we do listen…honest guv


    On a recent press release a BA spokesperson said “everything we do is for the benefit of our customers” – try justifying that comment in relation to the reduced leg room in CE.


    To Enhance To Save


    DerekVH – 16/06/2016 08:52 BST

    If the aircraft experiences severe turb, then the reduced pitch means less acceleration space for the legs, before hitting the seat in front, reducing the impact force and thus reducing injuries.


    From the shareholder’s point of view: “To Fleece, To prosper”

    From the customer’s point of view: “We Never Forget, You HAD A Choice”


    All a bit of fun.

    Overpriced mediocrity (just like England football team and for below)
    To hype, to disappoint
    For our next magic trick……..
    Legal conning – to sell one vision but deliver another
    To mug, to mug again (you keep coming back for Christ’s sake)
    London Airways – to connect the world to the Britain (London) – but not the British
    To build a monopoly, to maintain a monopoly.
    To screw our customers, to screw our suppliers, to screw our shareholders, to screw our staff, to fatten directors pay packets


    @derekvh – 16/06/2016 08:52 BST
    “On a recent press release a BA spokesperson said “everything we do is for the benefit of our customers” – try justifying that comment in relation to the reduced leg room in CE”.

    Answer:- Reduced leg room allows us to get more people in to the cabin. By getting more people in the cabin we can lower fares as our costs per seat are reduced. Many of our customers tell us they want cheaper fares, so we are responding to that almost overwhelming customer feedback by offering cheaper fares to more people. We never forget people have a choice, fly an airline or get a private jet where you can stretch out all you like. In comparison to a private jet we are very competitive 🙂


    I see, BA have tightened the seat pitch on their short haul fleet because that is what customers want as it will deliver lower fares.

    I just ran another check of BA vs the competition to see if they are indeed delivering. This time I chose the cheapest economy fare routing ATH-LON-ATH on two Wednesdays two weeks apart in September this year. The fares include a checked bag.

    A3 and BA route to LHR. U2 and FR route to LGW.

    BA €453.10
    A3 €287.10
    U2 €259.46
    FR €252.98

    Now unless I’m wrong the tightened short haul seat pitch was never about connecting traffic but about making short haul much more competitive.The seat pitch has been tightened to the same as FR but the fares, well the figures speak for themselves.

    BA Stealing more from you every day.


    If BA are indeed filling their flights with people paying nearly twice as much as the competition, I really need to increase my stock holding in BA …
    I am never on an empty (or remotely close to empty) BA flight, so I suspect that they are generally in the ballpark pricewise, as I think these days there are very few people who don’t do some shopping before they buy. I find on my travels in Premium cabins, BA is very often the best-priced option for a direct flight or multi-destination itinerary. The last sale was astonishingly good for F tickets..

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 99 total)
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