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  • AnthonyDunn

    @ FDOS_UK – 11/06/2016 22:05 BST

    Because the translation facility on my Mac came up with the incorrect translation. It should have read:

    (Not) to fly, to whinge.


    Fly Southeastern. London’s Favourite Airline.


    Given BA bought British Caledonian I guess they could use:-

    We never forget you have a choice, make it, and stop whining.


    I consider myself a positive person, at the very least a glass half full individual. So I’ll wade in with some nice to say things about the world’s once favourite airline…….

    We’re good,we’re just not that great.

    And in particular,if you’re flying world traveller, and being aware of the competition from Britain’s other national carrier….then I’d go with….

    Forget the Bling, go for BlAnd. In BlAnd we trust.

    Edit to add…..The B Cal ghosts must be crying into their spiritual pints


    AnthonyDunn – 12/06/2016 10:16 BST

    I would have thought an erudite person like yourself would have been able to translate a Romance language, without assistance.

    As you seem unable to, let me assist:

    ‘To Fly to Win’.

    Now, what is negative about that?


    You could try

    “Try T2 or T4”

    I am sitting smugly in the Air France lounge in T4 awaiting Aeromexico.

    More seriously, when so many BA users or potential users can write like this, they must surely look in the mirror and think what must be wrong? Why, for example, do I use them so little, when I use Star Alliance and Skyteam flights most weeks? Why is Swiss my choice for the near-weekly flights between LHR and GVA?


    DavidGordon10 – 12/06/2016 14:52 BST

    The management team is sitting happy with an internalised view, loads are high, profits are good….

    No need to change anything.



    To fly, to whine


    BA Club……. Where busienss flyers can “enjoy” the best sardine can in the sky


    “British Airways, The World’s Cheapest Airline”

    I just posted this in another discussion thread but relevant here:
    “I have just flown First on an Emirates A380 (to Manchester) and once again an excellent experience. I had an interesting chat with cabin crew about some of the changes at BA and their view was that BA realise that they can not compete with Emirates and other Gulf airlines and have given up!? I was taken aback by their comments but it made sense. The disregard of regional customers, inferior premium products and latest infuriating decisions such as stopping two ticket bag transfers (, and the Ryanairisation of BA ( and indicates that the race to the bottom is on (and in truth has been for some time)… If this is their strategy then I can not see BA winning the battle with the budget airlines, and in the process they will alienate their premium passengers…”


    @Tony-UK, but explain why the loadings in the BA cabins are so full.

    I use BA (Club World)for a variety of reasons & I agree the product is dated. The bean counters don’t really need to modify anything as the flights are simply full….

    They see a different story… sad but true…


    We have forgotten you have a choice.



    “We Weren’t Aware You Had A Choice”


    MartynSinclair – 12/06/2016 17:10 BST

    You are absolutely right, but I question the short-sighted strategy that the bean counters are pursuing. There is a lot of growing competition in both premium and economy and we know that customers are making other choices. I used to use BA exclusively but no longer due to issues outlined above. I suspect that frequent flyers who are experiencing the various products on the market are aware of the issues, but the BA brand is being (perhaps slowly) eroded and in my opinion we will eventually see a change in BAs fortunes…


    If your interest is short term, then BA’s approach makes sense, but for a sustainable business, it is highly risky, since once you lose enough ground, it can be difficult to reclaim it.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 99 total)
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