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  • MartynSinclair

    If BT were to ask, I would happily write the article. These are all priorities when I travel and one of the reasons why I choose Starwood, so all the managers can warn each other about me!!

    As I have stated many times before:

    * stay away from the large buffets

    * stay away from fizzy drinks

    * where allowed, walk up and down stairs rather than take lifts

    * walk to meetings

    * dont use the moving travelators at airports, rather walk

    * use a pedometer to monitor daily steps

    * dont be afraid to ask the hotel chef’s to cook to order using healthier ingredients

    * consider veggie

    * have regular blood tests so you can be proffessionaly advised (by a trained Dr) about your food intake. Remember, the body is designed to consume food and liquid.

    Its just the same as giving up smoking, if you want to do it enough, you will find the inner strength.

    To those of you who like the heavy stodge, full of fat, cholesterol and oil, sipping vintage wines, this thread is not for you!!!


    I suuport your to-do-list fully and I practice most of them!

    I guess this is not for VK!


    Just wondering whether there’s any synergy between this thread and Frequent Traveller’s latest missive……..?!





    We had a bit of (interesting) thread drift elsewhere, so as suggested by Martyn, I have cut and pasted the three posts to a new thread.

    Martyn, over to you 🙂

    MartynSinclair – 05/03/2012 09:03 GMT

    DoS – NTarrant – there must be a lifestyle thread on the NF. Interested to read how other posters cope not only whilst travelling, but also once the weight is off, how its maintained. Losing weight is the easy part, its maintaining it off thats difficult.

    NTarrant – 05/03/2012 09:28 GMT

    Martyn – it is a bit of a life style change, I think you mentioned about it on another thread. But I would agree that losing weight is the easy part.

    One of the things which I used to do in hotels was always to have the cooked breakfast, but frankly I was bored with it. Now I pick more healthy things but also have bacon and beans if I feel like it or it looks good.

    DisgustedofSwieqi – 05/03/2012 10:05 GMT

    “Losing weight is the easy part, its maintaining it off thats difficult.”

    That’s why I decided to change my lifestyle to one I could sustain and then let the weight drift down, rather than crash diet.

    My main challenge is eating in the middle east, where they use a lot of oil in the meals. I try to find a local shop and buy bread/cheese/meat for the evenings and then enjoy myself at lunch and take cereal or porridge for breakfast.

    One upside of working in KSA is no alcohol, which removes a lot of calories in a 2 week tour.

    I’ve also started drinking green tea, instead of white coffee.

    Exercise is also crucial, like Martyn, I try to walk more – ideally 15 minutes each way to work and back in the morning, if poss. Otherwise take a nice long walk in the evening, which is okay in places like Jeddah, Jubail, Dubai that have nice corniches.

    MartynSinclair – 05/03/2012 11:06 GMT


    Bread – Cheese – Meat are three itrems that I have not eaten for nearly 3 years. Problem with bread is that its a snacker at meals, fills you up before you eat, cheese can be heavy and meat is just something I keep off my diet.

    One of the advantages of SPG is that your diet can be created on your profile so you each hotel I stay at have been pre warned about what to feed me with.

    I keep use an Omron pedometer which can be linked to my computer (USB). Very interesting results. My best work activities always occur when around the times of my longest walks.

    A decent walk for me is Westminster to North London – or in BKK from Asok skytrain to MBK (4 times).

    NYC I walk from the park to Soho and back and try to achieve at least 10,000 steps per day.


    Well done Disgusted good move.

    Martyn – you can still eat meat and keep weight at bay if you eat lean meat only. My biggest problem in the past has been bread, I love it but it doesn’t love the waist line. Going to different countries means different types of bread and one used to try them all. Now it is a case of moderation, which is the key.

    There is a tendancy for taking the easy option like jumping in a taxi. As far as possible I’ll always use a bus or train.


    Well done DoS – moderator in the making!!

    Bread is the “devil incarnate” as far as my diet is concerned. Always smells good, especially when warmed and the different tastes of the breads even more yummy. However, bread is designed to fill you up and in some cases are a considered a meal in themselves. Next time you eat out, count the rolls.

    In my household, Mrs S used to bake bread, especially for Friday night. I could get through half a loaf before the soup – its “danger food” so as when I gave up smoking and never turned back, now I do the same with bread. Any diet that involves giving up bread, the weight will come off very fast in the first month.

    Meat – its so much that’s its bad – but unnecessary to eat. I am not a do not eat meat or kill animal person, but there again, the household got a dog (pet not food) around the same time I gave up meant. Wife and son happily eat meat, its just me.

    Moderation is an interesting word – does that mean that if I start smoking moderately, it would be ok. I agree that chocolate is not a problem, in fact pure chocky is quite healthy – however, my problem is that once started its hard to stop!

    When people say they are having a “treat” – even with my lifestyle and constant weight watching, I treat all food as special and if hungry WILL ALWAYS EAT. A diet that leaves you hungry should not be undertaken.

    Treats, plenty of them, just not filled with sugar.

    Lastly, anyone thinking about a liquid diet, don’t, the body is not designed to survive off liquids alone, although I feel positive that I will be challenged. I have no documentary proof except for the words of my
    Dr, who persuades people not to use liquid diets as a short term diet fix.


    Liquid diet, yes many years ago I tried Slimfast, I had a shake for lunch and after three days I couldn’t bear the hunger and went to the burger bar and ordered burger and chips and yes a milk shake!

    Yes Mrs T also used to make bread, my son and I used to end up consuming two thirds of it as soon as it came out the maker. Until one day Mrs T put bread maker on, we are watching telly and son comes in and sys “should there be smoke coming out the bread maker”. End of bread making.

    Actually Martyn, Mrs T was vegie for many years but became anemic and started eating meat again


    Not eaten meat since 78. I find it hard to keep it off, a because hotel and airline food is not designed to be healthy. Second after long stressful day, doing 2 hours in Gym or Bar is no contest. When not travelling piece of cake. Also depends on where. In Japan, Hawaii and Chile I always lost weight as I eat raw fish and fruit and veg whereas US, Northern Europe, Argentina, lots of fat, and you get so much pasta as vegetarian (OK pescatarian – I don’t eat me as I don’t like it and it is carcenogenic, not through morals).


    Wouldn’t agree about Northern Europe being lots of fat, far more enlightened these days. Its when you move further south they just don’t get veggie.



    As an overweight, diabetic smoker who enjoys a few drinkettes, I must implore Tom to remove this thread as I simply find it the most offensive I have ever read, either here or, indeed, on any business travel related website.

    Outraged of South Warwickshire.


    Dear Outraged of South Warwickshire

    How do you feel when buying a pack of fags with those ghastly pictures of smokers internal organs.

    Kind regards

    Reformed smoker from N London!


    Northern Europe is a nightmare for eating out – I love the food choices in Asia as well as the Sweet Tomato brand in the USA as well as Whole Foods Country Market.

    If I go to a heavy duty establishment, you know the sort, that leave salt and pepper off the table (the chef flavors sufficiently), I will either phone in advance to check or have a quick word with the Maitre d before sitting down to eat.

    Best meals out in London, which may surprise some are curry houses. Just order the ingredients and ask the kitchen to make something up (along a promise to pay regardless). Never had a bad meal yet. Cannons Tandoori in Canons Park, very accommodating!


    Dear Reformed Smoker from N London

    Like an utter tw@t, to be honest. You have my number. I would welcome your help on this one, Martyn.




    How do you delete a double posting on an iPad…..

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