Exercising while travelling

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  • MartynSinclair

    Nigel, not “want” to give up, but “desire” – much easier.

    There is another diet that work and there is no need to join or buy any clubs, books, magazines etc.

    It sounds really stupid, but it does work and does not need anything extra or special in the kitchen – just try eating less!

    Eat meals of a smaller plate!


    You’re probably right Martyn, but I enjoy them. Sitting on our terrace overlooking the lake of Lugano, or on the “stoep” watching the Indian Ocean in S. Africa, glass of port, nice conversation watching the sun go down, pure bliss as far as I’m concerned and worth the slight risk.

    Besides, we don’t know what hand life will deal us. I know (knew) many people, fit as a fiddle, who died in their 40’s. The manager of the Astoria in Seefeld where we are regular guests, 43, never smoked, jogged every day, heart attack and gone! Ditto export manager at Heineken I used to work with. 2 kids and 45. The father of one of my sons classmates, 48, died in a plane crash when landing at Plettenburg Bay a year ago.

    Of course I want to see my kids go older but I know I’ll never know when the good Lord decides my time is up, so till that day I’m thankful for every day and fully intend to enjoy them even if some of my – reasonably innocent – vices cause me to exit the elevator a floor or two before the top!


    Martyn – Mrs T is no longer a member as she reached her goal and left. But the style we have retained, its knowing about what you can eat a lot of and those things that are treats. Also about cooking things in a different way to avoid the fat. Far better than counting calories. Eat less is fine but it depends on what you are eating less of that counts.

    I agree LP life deals you a hand and that is what you have.


    Am off to the “grounds” today to see a 46 year old off, fit as a fiddle and his heart just packed in after a morning jog! Very sad especially as his son has his B’vah coming up in a couple of weeks.

    Hence the way I live my life.

    The main, in fact the only calories I check now are the snack items such as health bars (stay clear of the high protein and chocholate ones) and yoghurts, always below 90.

    Other than that Mrs S cooks avoids the heavy duty cooking oils and feeds me plenty of greens.

    I also have regular blood checks, ticking every box on the blood test form (except pregnancy). This is the best way to see exactly what your body has, needs and lacks etc. I know this is a bit too much for some, but its what works for me.

    Just one word of caution though, it can cause a problem when applying for insurance becasue I can not not answer the question about investigations in the negative. The fact that they are voluntary investigations for lifestyle is one thing, but you can not not mention the tests – and yes it does on occasion cause addtional work.


    i gave up smoking after a session of hypnotherapy! I loved smoking but it was ruining my complexion and I always had a cough, hence the need for a little bit of help, it was very relaxing, I still had cravings after but there was something that stopped me from giving in, cant really explain it, except that it has worked up to now! You have to want to stop, and if you make that decision, it could be the thing that just gives you that little bit of extra willpower!


    I vote with LP. I think moderation is key. I gave up cogarettes, i try to do exercises, I try to cut down on fats, carbs and portion size but when I land back in Hawaii, sit on the lanai (Balcony in UK) and enjoy a glass of Hine Antique and a good cigar, the world at last seems a pleasant place.


    Exercise is large at engaging the core and getting your heart rate up. location your hands and toes on the floor in a plank place, like the peak of a push-up.


    Simply just wondering regardless of whether there may be almost any synergy in between this twine and also Regular Traveller’s latest missive……..?!



    I don’t really understand the above post?

    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to my New York Strip with hand cut chips on Thursday!!!


    Came across this one the other day



    Hi I’m new here. I travel a lot for work but the gyms in the hotels I’ve stayed lack equipment and good machines. How do you stay fit when travelling? Do you just run around the area or find a local gym nearby you?


    It’s all about the in-room workout for me. Press ups, burpees and various sit ups. Another reason to insist on a suite.


    I share you pain. I have taken to the in room work out too. I am tempted to try Freeletics as it is theoretically a gym-less workout, a mixture of running and military fitness style jumping around where ever you find yourself.


    for me its a run around the city and beyond. Frankfurt, I run along the side of the river (which is a couple of minutes from the Westin). In BKK, I have several routes I run, again, close by the Westin and anything between 5 miles and 15.

    Beauty of the Westin is they will lend you all the running kit you need, including decent running shoes…

    Don’t generally use the in-house gym… too much like hard work 🙂


    If it’s a new city, I try to get out for a run. Otherwise, gym session in the morning – to wake up – and one at night, after dinner – to wind down.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 78 total)
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