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    Limited for time on a business trip, wondering what you can do to stay fit with so little time to fit anything extra into your busy schedule?

    Like that last sentence, you try and squeeze as much in as possible, and usually end up postponing or canceling ‘extras’ at the last minute.

    Well, don’t let exercise be one of those things that gets sidelined.

    Try this on for size. Give the ‘Elevator Workout’ a go in your hotel room, just before your morning shower, ready to eat your breakfast feeling virtuous.

    An elevator keypad shows the number of floors in a hotel, counting down from 30, 40, 50, even more if you’re staying in Dubai!

    As you travel down the lift shaft, the number lit starts dropping.

    Use the same principle with your workout. In your hotel room pick 2 exercises, let’s say push ups and squats.

    Start the workout with 10 reps of each – rest briefly.
    Then repeat the 2 exercises again, this time for 9 reps each.
    Continue to work down through the reps, aiming to reach 3 reps of each on your final round.

    Completing 2 or 1 reps of each seems pointless, and I quite often end up doing 2 rounds of 3, to save wasting time.

    Depending on your fitness, you should be done in anything from 5-10 minutes.

    In that time you’ll have worked your upper and lower body, not to mention your abs!

    Next time you find yourself pushed for time on business, save time by working the elevator.

    It’s short but VERY effective.

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    Hello all
    When brushing your teeth in the morning, do a few leg exercises.

    Always sit the furthest away from the buffet table, so you get a small workout while walking to the food. Also, you dont get tempted by the smells.


    Here’s another little tip for keeping fit during any stay on a hotel, esepcially a high rise.

    Find the fire escape and walk up and down at least once a day. If you feel really energetic, try jogging up and down. Saves going to the gym.

    The Westin chain will also put gym equipment in your room if asked.

    Stay away from large international buffets and ask the chef to ‘prepare food to suit’.

    If keeping fit isnt your thing – then just go and enjoy the food!!!!!


    When staying in hotels, is usually the best time to make use of their on site gym instructors (if providecd), In most circumstances you will get a personal training session at no extra cost. I know several friends who work and have worked in hotel gyms as instructors and find the job rather boring due to the lack of personal training taken up by guests or members and leave to work at a public lesuire centre instead, as a result hotels have a high turnover of gym staff.

    The British Military Fitness App for the iphone, comes hightly recomended by 2 friends who frequently tarvel. It works very well because you dont even need a gym to do the workouts. Those of you like me who do BMF can actually use their memberships at all UK BMF venues at no extra cost, all you need to do make the instructor aware that you are a visitor and give your membership number.


    In similar vein to the BMF referred to above, take a look at the Royal Canadian Airforce 5XB regime; no special kit or equipment needed, so you can easily do it in your hotel room, and it really does work.


    Yes while brushing the teeth just go on your toes and down, on both feet, on one feet, this also perfect while long flights…


    I’m looking to shed quite a few kilos put on thanks to fine dining and a lazy life. Better late than never. It’s a big problem as so often you can’t be bothered to go the hotel’s gym, if they have one, or you arrive and it’s closed, or even being in different time zones wake up at 4 am.

    I travel light as well so do not bring gym kit with me and feel self conscious when the room is full of toned figures in Lycra and I go in with a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt wearing a pair of timberlands. I’m sure many of you can sympathise with that.

    So for your benefit, here is the Pirates keep fit regime for hotel rooms (or even your own home).

    5 minute warm up. Moderate walking on the spot (watching the news)
    5 minutes rapid walking on the spot
    Legs and arms apart, standing about a metre (depending on your height) do 25 push ups against the wall
    10 leg stretches each way
    Lying on bed, pull knees into stomach 25 times
    Arms outstretched, fists clenched, bring your arms in as if you’re trying to pull someone towards you and they are resisting. Then either gently release the pent up pressure or else let each arm out one after the other in a punching movement. 10 times.
    10 minutes very rapid spot walking, slowing down in the final minute to a crawl.

    I’ve been doing this a year and with some tweaks to what I eat and drink have lost 15 kgs so far.


    PS. If in order to save on laundry you do this in underwear or naked, remember to close the room curtains unless you want to appear on YouTube!!!


    Here’s another tip that works (for me) walk to meetings around cities. It takes 3 and half to play a round of golf and you are stopping and starting all the time, chasing little white balls.

    Walking with blackberry or iphone makes you are truly mobile office whilst keeping fot at the same time.

    Most hotels now dont allow me to walk up and down the stairs as it sets of the fire alarmed doors.

    Good luck Lugano, we are all following your good example (well some of us anyway!!!)


    some genetics aside, personally I think 65% of your body shape is diet
    30% gym 5% supliments ( vitamins ,protien e.t.c)

    Having said that the importance of some daily cardio is a must (walking stairs e.t.c. )

    i’ve read numerous times if you were only allowed to take one supliment at the expence of all others the choice by a country mile would be omega 3 the overall benefits to mind and body are difficult to equal



    I would go one futher and say 90% of your body shape is diet 10% is toning through exercise.

    Rather than taking Omega 3, trying some smoked fish at least once a day.

    There is only 1 diet that works and its very free, EAT LESS and breath fresh air.

    I used to be on blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, vitamins/supplements, but through diet (portion control) I managed to shed 25% of my weight over 4 months and I am keeping it off and eating and enjoying my food much more – best of all, NO PILLS or MEDICATION.

    The best way to check how you are doing is regualr blood tests becasue that way a Dr can check whats going on inside and what you are in need of.

    There are a lot of “diet” programmes out there, being sold and being taught by totally unqualified people.


    Thanks Martyn and well done to you as well. 25% is quite an achievement and about the amount I wish to achieve in total.

    I have to agree with you about “diet programmes” which like these newsletters promising to make you a millionaire with just 10 trades, are for the greater part all written by charlatans.

    What is I feel a very important point though, and I don’t see much discussion on it, is how unhealthy the travelers lifestyle can be. Perhaps this should be another thread?

    We sit in taxi’s, lounges and aircraft, often for 10 hours or more. We are constantly tempted with snacks and who really needs a four course dinner at midnight flying long haul?

    Apart from being tempted by mini-bars, executive lounge snacks and in room dining, we are often at the mercy of our hosts as to where they will take us and who will fill us with sumptuous victuals of which it could be rude to refuse.

    Even when not being taken out we have to use restaurants and we don’t know what sort of ingredients they are using to cook with.

    It could be nice for BT to do an article on this as I believe it affects many of us?


    I clicked on this expecting some smut

    Its official you are all far too clean living

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