CommScope, a global leader in network connecticity, has partnered with Passalacqua, a boutique hotel in Lake Como, Italy, that was recently named “World’s Best Hotel” by the World’s 50 Best organisation, to bring wifi 7 connectivity to the property.

CommScope, a global leader in network connectivity, prides itself on being at the forefront of the world’s digital advancements, and has deployed its RUCKUS R770 AP to give the prestigious 18th century property-turned-hotel excellent connectivity speeds, low latency, increased reliability and increased capacity to deliver the exceptional experience its customers are accustomed to enjoying. This has made the hotel one of the world’s first early adopters of wifi 7, giving users less network congestion, and a more secure environment with advanced security features including encryption protocols.

“Wifi 7 unlocks a lot of personalisation options for hotels. Starting with enjoying flawless ultra high-definition streaming, or real time online gaming in their rooms thanks to fast, low-latency speeds. Beyond entertainment, [it] allows for advanced IoT automation, where guest preferences on temperature or lighting transmitted through their devices can be used to adjust room settings automatically. Even location-based services get a boost, with guests receiving personalised recommendations or directions right on their phones. This translates to a more responsive and tailored experience, making each guest feel truly catered to,” Bart Giordano, CommScope’s SVP and president of networking, intelligent cellular and security solutions, told Business Traveller Middle East.