Lufthansa Group says it has now passed the milestone of one million passengers purchasing its Green Fares.

The group launched the fare option as a pilot project in August 2022, before rolling it out across the group’s European and North African routes in February 2023, and subsequently to selected long-haul routes.

The fare allows passengers to purchase a ticket which includes the offsetting of their individual flight-related CO2 emissions, along with other benefits including additional status miles and a free rebooking option.

Lufthansa Group said that an average of 3 per cent of passengers opted for the fare in its first full year of launch, with this figure rising to 11 per cent of business class bookings made via Lufthansa Group portals.

The most popular routes for Green Fares have been Hamburg-Munich, Zurich-London and Frankfurt-Berlin, and the group said that a total of 77,000 tonnes of CO2 has been offset since the launch of the initiative, equating to more than 12,000 A320neo flights between Hamburg and Munich.

On European routes the Green Fares offer a 20:80 combination of carbon offsetting through the use of sustainable aviation fuels and climate protection projects, while on long-haul services the ratio is 10:90 respectively.

The fare is currently available on more than 730,000 flights per year within Europe and to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as on the following long-haul routes:

Frankfurt–Bangalore, Munich–Incheon, Brussels–Kinshasa N’Djili, Zurich–Los Angeles, Frankfurt–Miami, Singapore–London, Sao Paulo–Zurich, Nairobi–Frankfurt, Bangkok–Vienna, Hong Kong–London, and Paris–Bangkok