Iberia has launched a customer carbon offset programme. The previous programme had been suspended because of the low take-up during the Covid-19 pandemic and the IT costs, although the ability for businesses to offset the emissions of their employees had continued.

The new programme is through the “CO2labora” programme and enables customers to support two certified climate projects: one in Guatemala and one in Peru. The platform has been developed in collaboration with Chooose.

The footprint calculator takes into account four variables including weather, efficiency of operations, cabin class and type of aircraft.

Iberia Group says it is renewing its fleet, adding 11 aircraft to its fleet so far this year (2022); five A350-900s for long-haul routes and six A320neo for short- and medium-haul routes. The A350s are 30-35 per cent more efficient, and the short haul aircraft 15-20 per cent. Iberia Express is adding to its fleet the A321neo model, which reduces CO2 emissions by 20 per cent when compared to the aircraft it replaces. The airline has five A321neo and will incorporate the sixth aircraft of this model before the end of the year.

The two programmes are:

Izabal, on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala.

This promotes the creation of new nature reserves and maintains existing natural forests that are threatened by deforestation and unsustainable land use activities. Izabal is a wintering and stopover area for more than 120 species of migratory birds, which makes it a relevant spot for biodiversity conservation. Contributions serve to protect agroforestry ecosystems and promote ecotourism, in addition to providing resources to monitor the area and support community development programmes.

Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Seven indigenous communities belonging to the Shipibo-Conibo and Cacataibo ethnic groups are settled around the Ucayali River and manage 119,837 hectares of tropical forest. This project supports the development of socially inclusive companies, promotes the proper use of communal lands, and helps offer training for the management of natural resources.

Last April, Iberia and Chooose developed the offset programme for corporate clients, allowing them to access monthly reports showing their flights’ carbon footprint records, and giving them the chance to offset that footprint by collaborating with the two certified projects in Guatemala and Peru.

Offsetting is controversial with many campaigners saying it is ineffective at preventing climate change.

Easyjet, which previously had said it would automatically offset all of its flightsrecently announced it would stop doing so at the end of 2022.


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