Outletcity Metzingen is pleased to announce the inauguration of two significant milestones in its history. Nestled within a single edifice overlooking the bustling shopping precincts, the newly unveiled Welcome Center and Moxy Hotel beckon guests to extend their stay and savor every moment.

The Marriott group’s lifestyle hotel seamlessly integrates elegance and practicality. Boasting over 200 well-appointed rooms and a remarkable lobby adorned with a captivating catwalk, it epitomizes a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and hospitality. Here, discerning patrons can showcase their latest fashion acquisitions before retiring in tranquility following a day brimming with shopping adventures at Outletcity.

Adjacent to the Moxy Hotel, visitors will discover the Welcome Center, serving as the primary point of contact for all guests. A dedicated team stands poised to extend a warm reception to valued clientele and attend to any inquiries. Additionally, VIP guests are cordially invited to indulge in the offerings of “The Lounge,” an exclusive retreat where they can unwind, partake in refreshments, and more. Furthermore, the Welcome Centre expands its services with the relaunch of the Tax-Refund Centre and a plethora of other amenities for guests to enjoy at their leisure.