KLM is set to take delivery of its first A321neo later this year, and the carrier has provided an update on the aircraft’s livery and interiors.

The line separating the airline’s blue and white swoops further down than on current aircraft, resulting in a completely blue nosedome, and a black outline has been added to the cockpit windows, which KLM says makes them look like sunglasses.

Inside the aircraft there will be new seats with larger tray tables, tablet holders and USB ports, and the cabins will also feature multi-coloured mood lighting and larger overhead luggage bins.

The carrier’s first A321neo is scheduled to be delivered in August, with initial destinations including Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm.

KLM announced an order for a total of 100 A320 and A321neos in 2021, with the aircraft being used to renew its mainline fleet as well as that of subsidiaries Transavia Netherlands and Transavia France.

Air France-KLM orders 100 Airbus A320 neo family aircraft

Commenting on the news KLM’s CEO Marjan Rintel, said:

“The arrival of the A321neo marks a major upgrade of our European fleet. It is 50 per cent quieter and generates 15 per cent fewer carbon emissions than the aircraft it is replacing, making this an important step towards cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient aviation.”