Virgin Atlantic has launched what it is calling its inaugural travel and lifestyle range, in collaboration with British designers Fenella Smith and Oliver Co.

Items include a t-shirt in navy blue depicting artwork from the first Virgin Atlantic A330neo aircraft ‘Billie Holiday’, with the registration G-VJAZ on the sleeve. The t-short costs £35 for UK home delivery, or £29.17 for Duty Free inflight delivery.

There are also sweatshirts in cream and navy blue, depicting Rain Bow and Queen of the Skies designs, costing £70 for home delivery or £58.33 for Duty Free inflight.

Other items include a Fenella Smith flight bag (£95/£79.17) or travel tote bag (£90/£75), an Oliver Co passport holder (£70/£58.33), travel wallet (£90/£75) and bag tag (£40/£33.33), and a pack of playing cards (£12/£10).

Finally customer can also purchase enamel “pronoun pin badges” in he/him, she/her or they/them choices, costing £10/£8.33.

Note that shipping costs also apply in the case of home delivery – more information on the range can be found here.

Virgin has highlighted the eco credentials of some of the items, including the travel tote bag being made from recycled canvas, and Oliver Co (a certified B Corp) producing its range from tea-based plant leather.

This summer TAP Air Portugal launched a range of 80s and 90s-inspired sportswear and accessories dubbed ‘Air-pparel’, and in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Qantas launched a limited-edition athleisure-wear collection created by Australian fashion designer Martin Grant.

TAP Air Portugal launches sports clothing range