Dubai-based Emirates will restore A380 service to the above-named airports in the months ahead.

Glasgow will receive the superjumbo again from March 26, followed by Nice on June 1 and Birmingham on July 1.

For the benefit of our UK readers the A380 flights in question (schedules are displayed on Emirates’ website) are EK39/40 for Birmingham and EK27/28 for Glasgow.

There will also be expansion at London Stansted where Emirates will restore its second daily B777-300ER service from May 1. The carrier originally added a second daily flight to the London airport in 2019, before scaling back operations following Covid-19.

Emirates announces second daily flight from London Stansted

The Essex airport interests me. I say that because it has been A380-capable for many years and yet it has never gained a superjumbo service.

Some years ago media in Dubai were speculating that the A380 would operate its A380 to Stansted but it never happened.

Why? I would imagine it’s down to insufficient demand for an aircraft the size of the A380 at the present time. Although, knowing how Emirates expands its superjumbo services, it will surely happen at some stage.

It doesn’t help that Stansted Express has not restored its pre-pandemic service frequency – which as an aside is telling customers not to use its services January 13-18 inclusive owing to “severe disruption”.

As for A380 services to London’s other main airports you will see that Emirates operates three daily flights to Gatwick and no fewer than six to Heathrow.

Indeed Heathrow is Emirates’ flagship route and it was used to launch the carrier’s A380 premium economy service.

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