In an effort to bring streamline the state’s healthcare system, the Delhi government has said that those patients suffering from Covid-19 and are isolating at home will now be able to apply for oxygen online.

They can apply on with their photo ID and Aadhar card details, Covid positive report, and other medical documents such as CT scan report if available, indicating the real need for oxygen.

In this government order, it is also mentioned that apart from Covid-19 patients in home isolation, the web portal facility will be also available for non-covid hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulances.

“The district magistrates¬† (DM) shall identify dedicated dealers/depots to distribute such cylinders to the individuals who shall be redirected to refilling plants under any circumstances.

“Based on the stock availability at the dealer, the DM will issue a pass containing the date, time, and address of the dealer/depot from where the oxygen cylinder can be issued/exchanged. Before issuing the pass, the DM must ensure that a filled oxygen cylinder is available as per the pass issued,” the order said.

Moreover, the DM will also take note of the equitable distribution of the cylinder done between the individuals, non-covid hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulances as well as SOS cylinders of Covid hospitals running on LMO.