Singapore Airlines will move to Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform by the end of this year, allowing it to offer more personalised service across traveller touchpoints.

The new system, which the Star Alliance carrier refers to as 1Point, will offer frontline employees a “contextual and holistic view” of customer interactions. Currently, employees resort to multiple platforms to perform a variety of tasks and retrieve traveller information.

Singapore Airlines said 1Point will enable teams to deliver “consistent and more personalised” service across touchpoints on the ground, including at airports and contact centres. Employees will also have access to information on travellers’ previous interactions with the airline.

“[1Point] is an investment in new technologies that ensure that Singapore Airlines is ready to support the evolving customer requirements in the coming years,” said Marvin Tan, SVP customer services and operations at Singapore Airlines.

“It also affirms our strong commitment to ensuring that our customers continue to receive world class service across the entire travel journey.”

Tracking traveller interactions is not new to the airline industry. Like many businesses, carriers often assign customer lifetime value scores to frequent flyers, incorporating spending patterns and complaints filed.

A higher customer value score can often increase the chance of receiving operational upgrades.

Airline employees also use the information to “wish flyers a happy birthday or decide whether they are worth compensating for inconveniences such as a spilled coffee or broken screens,” according to the Economist.