Google has launched the “Travel Insights with Google” platform that aims to provide insights on travel demand and booking trends through data.

The company says that industry participants can use this platform to better understand pent-up travel demand and leverage data from these tools for business recovery.

Travel Insights with Google offers two kinds of time-specific trends:

Destination Insights: This tool gives details about the top sources of demand for a destination, and the destinations within countries that travellers are most interested in visiting.

Hotel Insights: This feature will help properties of all sizes, especially small and independent hotels, understand where travel demand may be coming from. They can get tools, advice, and tips for making their businesses stand out online.

Google revealed that in November, growth in search interest for domestic travel to cities such as Shirdi, Chandigarh, and Bagdogra was strong. In this same period, travellers in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Gujarat top the searches for accommodation options.

During the same time, the tool shows that the top demand for outbound travel from India by air came from Male, Bangkok, and Dubai, while the top growing cities by search interest were Male, Genoa, and Boston.

The website also hosts the Travel Analytics Center. Available to Google’s commercial partners in the travel sector, this will help organisations to combine their own Google account data with broader Google demand data and insights on how to manage their operations and find new opportunities to reach potential visitors.

This new Google platform will also be a one-stop solution for other Google resources, including skills training courses through Grow with Google, Digital Garage and  Google for small business, and their tourism Acceleration Programme with the UN World Tourism Organisation.

Roma Datta Chobey, director – Travel, Google India said:

“The pandemic has had a direct, immediate, and continuing impact on the travel industry. But it is also one of the industries that have been at the forefront of digitisation.

“Our Travel Insights with Google tool recognises that, and amidst this volatility, provides players real-time, actionable analysis of travel intention and sentiment, domestically and from overseas, for better and more agile decision making.

“We hope that the utility of this tool will also accelerate the digitisation of those in the industry that have been operating offline as going online is now an essential requirement for recovery.”