US carrier United is offering packages that bundle flights with meeting space rentals for companies adopting flexible, remote working policies.

The initiative is the result of a new collaboration between the airline and Peerspace, a marketplace where companies can book spaces for events and meetings.

Through a program called “Team Together”, Peerspace says it’s offering companies “tiered packages” starting at $1,500 per month, but the entry package does not include flights. Packages including United flights start at $5,000. More details about the different packages the companies are offering can be found here.

According to both Peerspace and United, the packages are customisable as they allow customers to include amenities such as Peerspace discounts on food and beverage services, United Club passes, and Economy Plus upgrades.

According to a study by Peerspace  80 percent of respondents working at companies with more than 100 people reported that Covid-19 has positively changed their perception of remote work. In addition, more than 60 percent of employees indicated that their current work policy provides the option to work remotely indefinitely.

“We built Peerspace so that groups could come together in inspiring locations to do their best work. While Covid has changed many things, our research shows that the need for face-to-face collaboration is still very real,” said Eric Shoup, CEO at Peerspace.

United says customers can use the following online tool to evaluate the financial benefits of shifting office rent costs into travel and flexible work spaces.

“As good as technology has been at allowing us to connect virtually over the past few months, it’s no substitute for in-person, human interactions,” said Janet Lamkin, senior vice president at United Airlines.

“Demand for business travel is returning in new ways and our relationship with Peerspace provides some employers with even more flexibility as they move towards getting their employees back together in a safe and cost-effective way.”