Low-cost airline Easyjet and German flag carrier Lufthansa maybe rivals, but a joint ‘one-off’ event is planned for the opening ceremony at Berlin’s new airport (BER) on October 31.

Aerotelegraph reports that Easyjet and Lufthansa will “perform a parallel inaugural landing”.

Easyjet and Lufthansa were chosen because the two groups will be the largest at BER.

Had the airport opened in 2011 as originally planned the situation would have been quite different.

Back then Air Berlin (then the German capital’s home carrier and a member of the Oneworld alliance) would have been BER’s main user. But of course the airline (part-owned by Etihad in its final days) is no longer in business.

At the time of writing Tegel (TXL) remain’s the capital’s most important airport. If the opening of BER proceeds smoothly TXL could close as early as November.

Berlin Tegel could close as early as November

Recently we provided readers with the first photos of BER’s interior and we also reported that Schonefeld’s (SXF) terminal would become BER’s Terminal 5. SXF is the capital’s second airport and is located on the same airfield as BER.

For that reason the rail station serving SXF will be refreshed as part of Deutsche Bahn’s renovation programme.

Germany to refresh train stations

Note that the main terminal at BER comes with a dedicated rail station.