As per a recent news report by ANI,  the US-based United has received approvals from the Indian government to operate charter flights from Delhi to the US.

The report says that the airline will operate three special flights from Delhi to the US.

United has also started bookings for charter flights from Delhi to Newark for July 10, 12, and 15, and the ticket will cost around ₹57,000.

The airline cannot bring passengers from Newark to India on these special flights.

United has also urged the resumption of regular scheduled flight services between the two countries.

However, schedule flight requests for India is still under consideration by the government, and the final decision is yet to be made.

The approvals to operate special flights come a few weeks after the US announced restrictions on charter flights to and from India alleging discriminatory and restrictive practices.

Currently, the Indian government is looking at prospects of establishing individual bilateral bubbles such as India-US, India-France, India-Germany and India-UK.