Business people will think twice about visiting Cambodia when they learn of strict entry conditions being imposed.

Regional media AEC News Today reports that foreign arrivals into Phnom Penh must face probably the strictest and certainly the most expensive (at time of writing) Covid-19 testing procedures.

As a relatively poor country Cambodia has decided to make foreigners pay for the cost of conducting these checks.  They were confirmed in a media statement dated June 8 from Cambodia’s Minister for Economy and Finance Aun Pornmoniroth.

It is unclear when the new rules take effect.  Perhaps it’s when international flights resume?

These COVID tests mean foreign visitors will have to pay a minimum of a few hundred US dollars rising to possibly several thousand US dollars should the test prove positive.

And since the media piece was published there’s news that foreign arrivals will be required to pay a US$3,000 deposit to cover testing procedures.

All this is in addition to the existing visa and other charges already imposed on foreign visitors.

These charges, when they are imposed, are likely to dissuade all but the most intrepid of foreign visitor.

Until now it was thought that Japan’s requirements where certain arrivals had to spend a couple of days in a cardboard box and pay for the privilege was the most arduous experience.

Tokyo Narita arrivals sleeping in cardboard boxes

The worry is that other cash-strapped countries around the world may in future expect foreign arrivals to pay towards Covid testing.


In fact there are a very limited number of regional flights arriving into Phnom Penh.  No long distance arrivals.