British Airways has announced a much-anticipated extension of tier status for its Executive Club Members.

Members’ tier statuses will now be renewed for 12 months beyond their current end date.

All members with tier point collection end dates of July 2020 through to June 2021 will benefit from the move. This includes those with a Concorde Room Card.


“Members with a May or June Tier Point collection end date weren’t sent the communication yesterday, as there will be some members who are pending downgrade to a lower Tier.

“They will be emailed once their current card expiry date has passed at the end of June / July respectively. (and they will have the extension added on to their new Tier for those that have downgraded / upgraded, or same Tier for those that retained)

“Members with an April TP collection end date and May card expiry date were emailed yesterday, and will have the extension applied to their Tier that was effective 01 June (i.e their April 2021 Tier Point collection end date year).

“So all members will have the 12 month extension applied to their card expiry date.

The below FAQ is the appropriate guidance to follow:

The 12-month status extension will be applied automatically in the next two weeks* to those memberships with Tier Point collection end dates of July 2020 – June 2021.

This is represented by your card expiry date which can be viewed on the My Executive Club page on or the mobile app.  This is shown underneath the “View more account information” drop down or at the bottom of the ‘My account’ page on the mobile app.

*Members whose Tier Point collection end date was in May or June 2020, who did not meet the reduced qualification requirement for their Tier will have the 12-month extension applied to their new Tier once their current card expiry date has passed.

British Airways reduces Tier Point thresholds and extends Gold Upgrade and Companion vouchers

In addition BA is reducing the number of tier points needed to reach each tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Guest List and Concorde Room Card) by 25 per cent for the year after the 12-month extension.

Finally the carrier is also applying a six-month extension to all newly issued companion vouchers earned in July, August and September.

Full details of these changes have now been published on the BA website here.

The subject of BA tier point requirements in the light of the coronavirus crisis has been discussed on our forum over the last few months.