Starting June 2 both entering and leaving Abu Dhabi will be banned for one week, as the emirate continues to attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Movement between cities in Abu Dhabi is also discouraged, with permits needed to travel freely.

Exemptions to the movement ban apply to employees of vital sectors, chronic disease patients visiting hospitals and those transporting necessary goods.

Abu Dhabi police also confirmed recently that air travellers will also be among those allowed to enter and leave the emirate without a permit.

Permits are also needed to go outside during the re-enacted sterilisation programme, which runs from 10pm to 6am. Available to all members of the public, they are granted for short necessary errands including pharmacy visits, and valid for one hour.

As of June 2, the UAE has had 35,192 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 266 deaths, with figures not broken down by emirate.

In Dubai, public beaches and parks have recently re-opened, as well as cinemas and gyms. The emirate’s sterilisation programme runs from 11pm to 6am, with the Dubai Police enacting a AED3,000 fine for non-essential workers outside without a permit.