United’s heavily reduced transatlantic network from the UK sees it currently operating one daily flight between London Heathrow and New York Newark. An additional service between London and Chicago is also set to operate between early May and early June.

However before the coronavirus crisis United had originally planned many transatlantic services for summer 2020, some of which were new.

What will happen to these? Officially United has not informed media on this side of the Atlantic about its plans for summer 2020.

One possible reason is that there will so be so many changes United’s reservations system will ‘crash’ with the thousands of requests for rebookings, refunds and so on.

So it appears United will announce changes bit by bit. Indeed it is understood the changes are being made to United’s system over a period of four to six weeks.

It therefore means readers intending a US trip must recheck schedules and recheck them again.

So far we have no concrete information about summer services from London (other than those noted above) but for those to the UK regions we can expect flights to Glasgow and Manchester to be suspended.

Edinburgh’s status remains unclear. I say “unclear” because many Americans visit the Scottish capital during the summer especially during Festival time. But this year the city’s famous Festival is cancelled.

Route to mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and Ireland which could be suspended this summer are those departing Nice, Palermo, Prague, Reykjavik, Shannon and Stockholm. Others may follow.

My copy is generally more detailed and I apologise for its vagueness on this occasion, but I thought it was wise to alert readers about possible changes.

Business Traveller will provide more detailed information as and when we receive it from United. In the meantime remember to check with United or your agent.